Hi there! I’m Trent from b1stable. We’re a young indie studio about to publish our second game, MOMENTUM.

I first wrote a game called MOMENTUM in high school around 1997 or 1998. I thought the game was pretty fun and cool since it’s only 2 KB in size. I decided to rewrite it and it turned out similar but a little different with a few additions.

The game is really simple. You fly a ship through a minefield and move up and down to avoid mines. You have nukes which will clear the screen of mines. For every 256 points you get, you gain another nuke. Your score which is in hexadecimal is NUKESxSCORE (concatenate the two.)

There are some unused bytes at the end of the executable file so I might try to squeeze in a thing or two as an update later. I think more sound would be one thing I’d like.

The game will launch for 60 cents on Steam on July 1st. Check it out at