You’ve probably heard of this type of game; big fish eat small fish and grow bigger, to eat bigger fish. This time, Hemisphere Games brings us a top indie game called Osmos: you are a single-celled organism (a mote) and have to propel yourself around and absorb smaller motes in order to complete the goal, which revolves around becoming larger, most of the time.

In Osmos, you control a small “mote” in space. You can propel yourself by ejecting a piece of yourself out of the other end of yourself, following Newton’s laws of motion. Be wary, you do not want to waste your size for temporary speed. You can gain more mass by absorbing smaller motes while avoiding larger ones for the time being, as being absorbed by a larger mote will result in failure.  Time spent waiting for the organisms to collide can be minimized with the time slider, which also lets you perform precise actions by slowing time down.