And Yet it Moves

And Yet it Moves, is a top indie game by independent publisher Broken Rules. Released on April 2, 2009. Its interesting name is a direct English translation of Galileo Galilei’s famous remark, Eppur si muove.  The name is appropriate, as the game involves the world rotating around the main character, an unnamed white figure.

This particular indie game is set in a world reminiscent of a paper collage. The edges are lined with jagged white textures- as if the pieces were ripped out of a magazine itself. The character you control has the uncanny ability to rotate the world in intervals of 90°, affecting everything in it. Gravity will shift, bats will relocate to the “new” ceiling of the cave, and loose rocks will come tumbling down in order to crush you.

The goal is to traverse to the end of each level, and using the gravity feature is required to advance. Interesting puzzles are thrown into the mix, such as tossing a banana around using your ability in order to get past a monkey. The game did get stale very fast, as the majority of the game’s content is merely moving around in increasingly difficult terrain and simple puzzles.

The best way to describe this game is to deem it “Unique”. The sounds are very strange and unusual. The character’s death sound is a “skush” sound produced in someone’s mouth. Giant lizards will snap their tongues at you and swallow you up. The graphics are wild and eerie. You can’t really understand what is going on, but you will continue towards the next checkpoint, a ghostly outline of yourself constantly pointing towards the next destination.

And Yet it Moves is one of the best indie games for its low price, and if you are a fan of platformers this would be a great choice for you. If you’re looking for a fast-paced top indie game with lots of action, turn away as this game is slow and relaxed.

Conclusion: Play while high


And Yet it Moves: